Tropical Temple? or House?

temple house

I would certainly describe this property as eye catching!

Although it does look like a Temple to me, its actually a three bedroom house.

Rather than the tropics it’s in a small street in the Melbourne Suburb of Cairnlea.


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2 thoughts on “Tropical Temple? or House?”

  1. What a great website. I’m just about to design a downsize house in Perth – built 6 before, now the challenge is small and economical to run.
    Where are you in Aus? I see some mention of Perth but also Melbourne.

    1. I’m Melbourne based. I try to cover all of Australia but there is somewhat of a Victorian bias in my experience.

      Good luck with your downsizing. (we downsized from a 200m2+ house to a 78m2 apartment 3 years ago. . . initially a challenge but wouldn’t go back)


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