Facade Fail

DIGITAL CAMERAHere is one facade detail I first saw a few years three ago.

Its one of those ‘WOW’ features that builders like to use to make their house look different.

The walls are built in rendered brickwork to about 200mm below the eaves and then the gap is set back and finished in timber.

So what don’t I like about  it? Well…..

  1. It gives the impression they ran out of bricks and have done a bodge to finish the job.
  2. It going to be really fiddly to paint that woodwork in a few years time.
  3. There is likely to be less insulation which will cause a colder band around the ceiling which could be a site for future condensation, and mould.
  4. And finally….. If you look closely you will see some white streaks below the ledge. That because on wet nights birds perch on the ledge to shelter from the rain and while they are perched they sh!t down the front of the facade.


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Global Warming Risk?

Not worried about ‘Global Warming’ and ‘Rising Sea Levels’ ?

Then this house could be for you!

Did you know there is a website that specialises in selling islands around the world.

Check out www.privateislandsonline.com if you are thinking about buying.

I did see a couple of islands complete with house for under US$1,000,000, less than most inner city suburbs in Australia.

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Air Conditioner Placing FAIL

I stopped in a country pub in South Australia this week, in the middle of winter.

Here is a view of the reverse cycle unit, on the wall above the step up of the ceiling, over 3m above floor level.

The room was cold so my wife put the unit on full for the whole time we had the room.

The room never warmed up. . . . but the higher section of the room must have got hot because the unit kept switching off.

A good reminder that hot air rises so in tall rooms the thermostatic control needs to be at the same level you are!

A good job we were only staying one night!

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Battleship House

A house that looks like a battle ship!

Is it someone who is absolutely paranoid about burglars?

I have also seen it described as a zombie proof house.

Basically the entire front of the house is covered in steel plate including the front door and the window.

The only light that gets in the front is that slight crack in front of that piece of steel that you can see leaning forward.

The house is known as the Law Street House in South Melbourne, and can you believe that it was put forward for an architectural award!

It actually looks OK once you get past the first impression.

You can see more at the Australian Design Review Web Site

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