5 Forgotten ‘Tools’ for Home Improvement

Guest Post by Hubert Dwight

Every household needs a home improvement kit.

You never know when you’re going to need to perform an odd job or task.

After all, while a good house will last a lifetime there is still always going to be those little repairs or acts of maintenance required to keep your place in fine condition.

Unfortunately there are some things that belong in your home improvement kit that often get forgotten.

Or they get broken, damaged, go missing or get borrowed and never returned.

Let’s take a look at five devices that are essential for home improvement, but are often forgotten.


A Good Torch

Every household needs a rechargeable torch on hand.

A nice bright torch is a great tool to have for those random tasks around the house. It can help to provide light when working under your house, or in your roof.

It’s also great for working at night.

In a perfect world, all home improvement jobs would occur in full daylight. . . . butlife isn;t perfect

With a good quality torch, you’ll be able to make those little home improvements, no matter the hour of day.


Did you know that good old fashioned WD-40 has over two thousand possible uses?

Yet some households forget to include a simple lubricant in their home improvement kits!

Ypu can be so easy get caught up in buying the latest and greatest tools and toys that you can forget the basics.

A good lubricant can help to fix that noisy door, unstick that stuck recliner chair and remove rust from just about anything.

A Spirit Level

This is another device that is easily forgotten. If you have all the power saws, screwdrivers and spanners in the world they don’t amount to much if you can’t make sure that something is straight!

If crooked photos really bug you then you’ll want to invest in a level.

A level makes sure that you don’t hang or install anything without it being perfect.

Did you know you can even download a smartphone app to use as a spirit level? . . . Despite this awesome technology, we recommend the real deal.

A good quality metal spirit level is well worth the investment. If you need hands-free levelling, you could consider a laser level.

A Hacksaw

This is another commonly forgotten-about home improvement tool.

A hacksaw canto cut steel and many other materials.

You never know when you’ll need to cut through something, and sometimes plain old scissors, or a knife, just isn’t up to the task.

A hacksaw can cut easily through metal, but can also be used to cut plastic pipe, wood and other household materials.

Just an old-fashioned hand hacksaw with replaceable blades.

Cable Ties

Again, another easily overlooked device.

Cable ties are a great tool.

They can get used to tidy up all those loose cords and wires in your study.

They can hold things in place while you work on your home.

You can use them as cheap child-proof locks.

Did you know you can even unclog your sink drain with a long cable tie? Just poke it down there and give it a wiggle and presto!


There you have it. for the next time you’re at your local hardware store, have a think to yourself.

Is your home improvement kit complete? . . . You might need to invest in the above five items to be fully prepared for those little jobs that pop up from time to time!