Why is this an iconic San Fransisco photo?

I am sure you have seen many different photographs of these houses if you have seen any publicity about San Francisco.

They are known as the Painted Ladies. . . but why are they always photographed?

I think the houses in the next block in the same street are more interesting.

Well the reason relates to the way our brain reacts to what it sees.

Experts say that the brain likes to see patterns so we find the repeated pattern of the Painted Ladies pleasing.

The more interesting different houses along the street are a bit more jarring.

So what does this mean for your new house?

Well I am not suggesting that you build an identical house to next door, . .  but you could think about making sure your house does have some recurring pattern.

For example:

  • Aim to have the windows the same size and shape rather than a mix of sizes and shapes.
  • Use a similar colour and style for the house and garage doors.
  • Avoid too many different materials across the front facade.
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