Tree Selection – Fail

The sight of this Norfolk pine towering over this single storey house caused me to stop the car!

And the tree is only half grown.

It breaks RULE 2 of suburban tree selection – “Don’t get a tree that grows to more than 50% taller than your house.” 

(Rule 1 is “Read the label”)

Getting Rid of Unsuitable Trees

Removing dead and unsuitable trees and stumps safeguards your landscape so that you can replant and redesign the space as you please.

To ensure you are working with a healthy landscape, ensure you have inspected the area and identified all trees or stumps that may need to be removed.

Tree and Stump removal requires a high level of expertise and is not recommended as do it yourself.

Enlisting a professional removal service like Daryl’s Tree Care and Surgery is essential to identify potential hazards in your garden and to safely undertake the removal process without disturbing the rest of your landscape.”


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Tree Roots in Sewers and Drains

If  you are wondering what this photo is about, its been taken from the inside of a 100mm sewer pipe with a CCTV camera.

What it shows is the pipe is almost completely blocked with roots that have penetrated the pipe joints.

If you think all these roots are quite thin then have a look at this Root that has been cut out of a sewer, compared with a 50c coin.

Just remember these photos before you plant a big tree in that Easement in your property.

Most water authorities produce guides of suitable things to plant near sewers and drains, Thia is a link to: Melbourne Water’s Guide.