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Everybody is talking about SEO. . . . but to get GOOGLE to like you takes more than a few SEO tricks.

When GOOGLE refers someone to your site it checks:

  • How many pages the visitor looks at;
  • Which pages they look at
  • How long they Stay;

Google also checks to see how old the information is, and whether or not it is unique.

It’s Not Hard to be No 1 On Google

As long as you search on your websites name.

The thing is most people search on a topic or a question not your particular name.

For instance hundreds of people come to my site via Google when they search ‘Building On Clay’

In practice people are sent to more than 300 different pages a day on my website from Google, so I must rank highly for all those questions.

How does this happen?

  • Google sees the answer to lots of questions that are asked.
  • It notices that people stay on the website to read my answers rather than move on.
  • Google sees lots of content which is being constantly added to, and revised

A Blogging Solution

One way to keep Google happy is to provide regular new content in the form of a Blog.

Sounds simple, but not everyone has the time to write and post regular articles for their website.

If your website is suffering from reducing clicks perhaps its time you thought about adding a blog.

This would be based on content tailored to interest people visiting your site.

If you like the content at perhaps I am the blogger you need.

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