Useful Links

Australian Institute of Architects – This link is to the ‘Find an Architect’ section which will provide you with information on registered architects in your area.

Building Commission publications – Although this is a Victorian organisation  many of their documents are relevant to other states.

Building Designers – Unfortunately the various States seem to be having problems getting their act together so there is no single organisation! For ACT, NSW, Tasmania, and Western Australia see Building Designers Australia. For other states see  Queensland and Victoria

Guide to Standards and Tolerances – A document from the Victorian Building Commission (see above) but gives a good appreciation of what should be considered reasonable in any state. – A huge resource on wood heaters and other combustion devices.

Home Heat – This link is to a page on the efficiency of various wood heaters that are available in Australia. In addition there is a wide range of other information on wood burning on the site.

Homeone Forum – A useful source of information and opinion become a member and you can post questions which usually get useful opinions and advice.

Livable Housing – A great source of information an accessibility for the old, disabled, or injured.

Local Government Areas – This site provides links to state maps showing the Local Government Areas

MoneySmart ASIC provide an independent site for financial advice with several financial calculators.

On Line Garden Design A Garden designer who includes advice.

Queensland Building Services Authority – A useful website that includes a comprehensive advice sheet on Bushfire Protection

WERS (Window Energy Rating Scheme) – To check the performance of various manufacturer’s double glazing units

Your Home Technical Manual – A great reference source on sustainable design

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