Solar Tube Options

Sometimes our homes are a little lacking in the light tube

Even if there are lots of windows, if your property is overlooked at all, or faces the ‘wrong way’, you might find yourself craving that natural light.

You may need to light

  • Bathrooms,
  • Walk in Robes
  • Corridors
  • Pantries
  • Toilets

That’s where Solar Tubes come in handy.

By allowing bright natural light to pour into your home, these economic fittings add a stylish new dimension to your space.


Room Sizes

Domestic units come in two sizes:

A smaller size suitable for rooms 3m x 3m

A larger unit suitable for rooms up to 5m x 5m.

For larger spaces you can use multiple fittings, or go for a commercial unit.

The units come in a wide range of prices from a simple unit with a flexible light duct, through solid duct models, to top of the range models which incorporate LED lighting.


solar tube diffusersCeiling Diffusers

Because they have a range of ceiling diffusers they fit perfectly with all styles of interior – from modern contemporary to more traditional older-style properties.