‘Green’ Beer Fridge

When you move into a new home most people like to get a new fridge.beer-fridge

Either the old fridge doesn’t fit, or just doesn’t look as smart as the rest of the kitchen.

So what happens to the old fridge?

If you are like me, it gets claimed as a beer fridge.

A lot of environmentalists say that running a beer/bar fridges is bad for the environment, as you are doubling the power use over a single fridge.

Not only that, but I estimate it is costing you around $0.30 a day (or $110 a year)

A Green Solution

Well the fridge is just a big insulated box, so it won’t warm up too fast.

And we are going to be getting solar panels.

Also I don’t have a beer before lunch time and rarely late in the evening.

So the new plan is to put a time switch on the fridge to run from 9,00 am until 7.00pm.

Time to cool the beer down after the solar panels start generating. . . . . . and the beer should stay cold until late in the evening.