Why I Won’t Be Getting A Sink Waste Disposal Unit

You sometimes see Sink Waste Disposal Units or Garbage disposal units in top end kitchens but I won’t be getting one for a heap of reasons:

  • Initial Cost, several hundred dollars plus installation
  • Ongoing power cost, the unit in this picture uses about 0.5kwatts
  • Maintenance and replacement. I have even heard of them shaking the under sink plumbing apart.
  • High water use to wash the debris away.
  • Disposing of fats, and hard solids like bones, which makes sewer blockages more likely.
  • Taking easily compostible materials from the home and passing them to a sewer where they will be contaminated and become a difficult to treat waste at the sewerage treatment plant.

I sometimes see manufacturers claim they are an eco friendly solution. . . . but they are anything but!

It is not just my opinion they are banned in many places including Switzerland and many areas of the United States.