Why Decluttering Is So Important Before Moving

Guest Post By Hannah Jones

For some, decluttering can be a daunting task, while for others, it’s their form of stress relief.

Today’s shopping trends make shoppers excited about sales and special offers that there is now a tendency to hoard things that don’t even end up in good use.

Hence, it’s a necessity to declutter at least once in a while.

Decluttering becomes all the more important when you’re moving from one house or office to another.


Here are the reasons you should declutter before your move:

1. It lessens the cost of moving

Moving is an expensive thing to do; it entails a lot of preparation, hard work, and costs, too.

Hiring a mover is one of the considerations that you cannot forego when you’re going to move.

Take note that the more things you have, the more costs you’ll incur as your mover will have to pack and transport more items.

When you declutter before you pack your things, you will be surprised to see that you have already accumulated a lot of rubbish and trash in your home.

It’ll be a very unpleasant and costly experience for you to bring all these with you in your new home when they’re practically of no use anymore.

So, sift through your things, pack only those that you use and are sentimental to you, donate the useable ones, and throw the items that you consider as rubbish.

You may hire rubbish removal services such as 1300 Rubbish Removal Sydney to help you properly dispose of your junk.

2. It makes it easier for you to track your items

No matter how trustworthy or reliable your mover may be, you still have to perform an accountability check on your things.

This will help ensure that not a single thing has been misplaced, left behind, or stolen.

It is a very unpleasant experience to finally settle in your new home and later on find out that the plates you inherited from your mother-in-law are missing.

The lesser things you bring with you during the move, the easier for you to track your items and know where they are.

3. It helps you to welcome your new home with a happier vibe

Professional organizers unanimously agree that the more things you have in your home, the more stressed you become.

When you have more things, you have more tidying up and maintaining to do in your house, and these add up to the pile of work that you have to accomplish daily.

However, when you declutter before you move, you can enter your new home or office space with a happier and lighter feeling.

Interior designers have been quoted so many times that the reason hotel rooms make you feel so relaxed is the absence of clutter and unnecessary things.

Hence, the cleaner your new space is, the more peaceful your mind becomes.

4. It creates more open space that you can enjoy

When you carry less stuff with you when you move, you’re creating so much more space in your new abode.

You have all these extra space for you to enjoy. This space can be used to create new memories for your family and even for yourself.

Hence, it gives you a sense of “moving forward” with your life, while making room for new experiences and new meaningful items.

If you bring all your stuff with you, your new dwelling will end up feeling like your old, cramped-up home all over again.

5. It helps you have a healthier life

Clutter attracts dust and dirt. If you haven’t been decluttering your home for a long time now, you might be overwhelmed later on when you pack for your move how much dirt and dust you have collected on all the things that you haven’t used in a long time.

Dust and dirt are breeding grounds for harmful bacteria and viruses that can take a toll on your health, especially in children.

When your house is dirty, you will find that you and your family tend to get sick more often.

When you declutter before your big move, you’re making your new house or office space a healthier sanctuary for you and your family.

Plus, it gives you a fresh start, too, as you focus your mind and energy on more important things.

6. It helps you make some money before you move

Moving is expensive, any way that can make you earn a little bit more is advantageous for you.

For example, when you move into your new home, you might find that there is a need for you to purchase one more new cabinet.

When you declutter before you move, you can sell the things that you won’t be bringing with you, and you can use the proceeds to fund any expenses that you haven’t foreseen concerning the move.


If you have a big move coming up, do make it a point to include decluttering in your plan and schedule.

Before you start packing and even before you ask a mover to come in to pick up your things, it’s best if you’ve already undergone a major decluttering of your home.

When you declutter before your big move, you can leave any excess baggage behind, so to speak; this will make more room for more important things later on, as you start the process of creating a new home for yourself or your family.