How Under-Cupboard Lighting Can Improve Kitchen Safety And Practicality

Guest Post

Recently, the idea of installing under-cupboard lighting has become quite popular to house owners.

While it may seem like a great addition to your house interior, lighting installations cost quite a bit, and you’ll have to find an electrician as well.

Sure, if you live in south-east Victoria, Australia, you could search up for keywords like ‘Southside Electrics Mornington Peninsula electrician‘, but unless you know a trustworthy electrician in the area, you won’t know who to hire.

Before you go ahead and purchase under-cupboard lighting, make sure you’ve considered other reasons to have them installed, aside from aesthetics.

Here’s a closer look at why under-cupboard lighting may improve your kitchen:

Doesn’t Produce Any Annoying Shadows 

If you’re the type to work in the kitchen often, you’re probably tired of having your shadow get in the way of your chores.

Since you need to be stand between the countertop and the light to wipe spills and clean the surfaces, you’re naturally going to have problems with visibility.

One of the best ways to eliminate those pesky shadows is to have the light source directly in front of you.

That’s what under-cupboard lighting is.

Since under-cupboard lighting will be in front of you, not overhead, there’s nothing standing in the way of the light source, which means it’s no longer going to produce annoying shadows.

Not only can this make things more practical in the kitchen, but it also helps with safety – especially if you work with sharp knives.

Generates A Brighter Light 

Lighting fixtures tend to be around 10-feet away from the countertop area of the kitchen.

Since light becomes dimmer the farther it travels, it would be considerably darker by the time it gets to the countertop area.

If you install lighting fixtures directly above the countertop, you’ll get higher lighting levels to help you see things more clearly, which improves both practicality and safety.

Additionally, you can cut things more precisely, reducing your chances of cutting your fingers.

Paves The Way For An Accessible Light Switch 

One of the most frustrating parts of working in the kitchen is that you have to go to the other side of the room when turning on the lights.

Frankly, it’s an unnecessary chore.

You could spare yourself from all the walking by adding a light switch to the countertop area, but you’ve probably never thought to do so before.

Since you’re installing under-cupboard lighting anyway, you might as well add a light switch near the cupboards so you can turn your new lights on and off with ease.

Not only will this addition save you time, making it much easier to change your lighting while cooking, but it can also keep you from all that walking.

Easy To Install And Modify 

Believe it or not, installing under-cupboard lighting can be as fast as 30 minutes, given that most qualified electricians will have considerable experience and knowledge.

Similarly, uninstalling this sort of the lighting fixture is typically a breeze, so if you ever change your mind, it shouldn’t take long to undo the installation.

The same goes for when you want to make some changes or modifications to the lighting.

You also have to remember that you, the homeowner, can choose what type of lighting fixtures to use. It can be as cheap or as luxurious as you want; there are options for all budgets.

Installation Is Affordable 

While the price may vary according to the fixtures you use, hiring an electrician to install under-cupboard lighting should only cost around AU$250.

The lighting fixtures usually cost around $10.

What you’re paying for is the labour and expertise of the electrician.

On that note, if you already know a suitable electrician, you may be able to bargain for the price.

Who knows, they may even do it for free if you provide the materials.

Even so, the ‘saving money’ part doesn’t end there.

Cuts Down On Your Lighting Expenses 

Under-cupboard lighting fixtures are smaller than your regular light bulbs, which is why they consume less energy than usual.

There are even special energy-saving versions available.

With that logic, it’s possible to cut down on your lighting expenses using under-cupboard lighting rather than relying on regular lighting fixtures.

Besides, you usually just need to light up the countertop area when going to the kitchen.

You don’t usually need to light up the whole room during the day.

Final Words 

Under-cupboard lighting has become popular due to its remarkable effect on a house’s design and atmosphere, but its benefits extend beyond aesthetics.

If you’re the type to value practicality and safety, you might find that installing under-cupboard lighting will tick all the relevant boxes without exceeding your budget.