How to Keep Your Valuables Safe At Home

Guest Post by Sheraz Khan

Maybe you have stayed in a hotel where there was a safe.

You found a note saying ‘keep your valuables in the safe’, and instructions on how to use it.

Hotels that have safes installed understand the importance of securing precious belongings. . . but you should also have this level of security in your house to ensure your valuables are always protected.

Home security varies greatly and for most of us the starting point is your front door, windows and back door locks.

There are different types of locks to choose from and if you have no idea what to look for, work with a quality locksmith.

These lock and key professionals will not only help you choose appropriate locks, locking devices and even safes, they will also securely install them for you too.

If you own priceless jewelry, heirlooms or other precious items, you understand they must be protected.

These items may be worth tens of thousands, hence investing in adequate security is well worth it.

When protecting small items, safes are perfect.

Crafted of heavy-duty steel which can only be opened with the correct combination code, they provide excellent security.

Read on below to see the different types of safes available to you.

Burglary Safes

These are one of the best safes you can get for your important stuff. They can either be large or small.

In most cases, they are made of steel which is heavy and high quality.

These safes are known for the level of protection they offer since they are also fire resistant and fireproof.

Whether you opt for a floor or wall mounted safe, ensure it is installed by an expert.

If a burglary safe works for your needs, consider checking the fire rating before you can invest in it.

Simple Fire-Resistant Safes

These are best for documents such as titles and certificates.

The advantage of these safes is that they protect these items even if there is a fire in your house or office.

However, keep in mind that fire-resistant is not the same as fireproof.

When exposed to fire for a long period of time, then eventually the items inside will be damaged.

Where Should You Install a Safe

Whether you choose a wall or floor safe, you will need a specialized person to do the work.

Work with a highly trained locksmith to ensure the best installation.

Homeowners have preferences, and the perfect place for a safe in one house is different in another.

In most homes, they are either installed in a basement or bedroom.

A safe should be installed where it has the most support and is out of plain view.

Just because it is made of heavy steel, it does not mean that it should be exposed.

In addition, it should be where it is low-traffic.

If it is a house with several floors, it is recommended it be kept off the ground floor out of plain sight.

Also if there are flooding threats in your area, have a locksmith install the safe above ground level.

What Happens If You Cannot Open Your Safe

If you have forgotten the lock combination or lost your keys?

How do you access your valuables? . . Not having access can be stressful.

In such a situation, your best bet will be a specialized locksmith.

They know how to sort such issues without damaging the safe.

If you have forgotten the safe combination, a locksmith can either change the key or use a mechanical one to fix the issue.

If it is a key you lost, it can be duplicated although it can take longer than usual.

Electronic safes also get issues from time to time.

Bolts may fail to turn, and considering they should be automatic, it means there is a problem.

Troubleshooting it yourself can lead to damage, and this is where a locksmith comes in.

They will fix the problem whether the wiring is frayed or damaged.

Common Issues with Safes

Prized possessions need protection, and safes are known to be one of the best ways to do so.

They are not only safe, but they are also user-friendly and convenient.

Despite them being easy to use, a user may experience hiccups with them.

Damaged Locking Mechanism

If a safe has been banged excessively, the locking mechanism might be damaged.

It mostly happens when someone tries to break it.

If this is the case, you will not be able to open it.

You will need a specialized locksmith to get it back in shape.

Combination Numbers Have Shifted

This issue might not be common, but it does not mean that it never happens.

When the combination numbers shift, regardless of how little it does, this will be a problem.

It could be that it is not properly maintained or it is too old.

the case, it needs a knowledgeable locksmith to fix it.

You might try to fix the issue, and it works.

Despite this, call an expert to service it and prevent a recurrence in the near future.

Lockout Mode or Time Delay Is Engaged

It is another reason you might find yourself calling a locksmith.

As much as you know your combination, the unexpected can happen, and you forget it.

You try different combinations too many times, and you end up engaging the time delay and lockout mode. It locks you out automatically.

It is additional security that safe manufacturers offer.

It is an advantage since if a burglar or an unauthorized person tries to gain access, and they try their luck with guessed combinations, they will not be successful.

Take Away

Fire, water, and theft are the biggest threats to your documents and valuables.

Imagine losing your expensive jewelry or documents getting soaked up in the water!

It can be quite devastating keeping in mind that some are irreplaceable.

A high-quality safe that is fireproof and water-resistant will come in handy.

Whether it is buying, installing, or fixing a problem, work with an experienced locksmith.

They should be fully licensed and certified.

Whatever issues you may experience, you can count on an experienced locksmith.