Get Rid of Household Pests with Seven Best Natural Remedies

Guest Post by Andrew Simmons

Whether it is spiders and ants or bed bugs and roaches, each house has to encounter a pest problem at some point.

Now every time you spot an insect loitering in the corner, you do not have to go looking for the harshest chemical solution in the market…You can rely on natural remedies.

Even though extremely potent, most people nowadays avoid using pesticides and insecticides in and around their homes.

Some cannot withstand the fumes while others are worried about kids and pets.

No matter what reason you have, natural remedies are considered the safest option when it comes to resolving pesky pest problems.

1 Essential Oils

The experts providing top-notch Perth pest control services said essential oils like peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus, spearmint, etc. not only purify the air and uplifts one mood, they are also capable of controlling bed bugs and dust mites.

As essential oils are usually available in concentrated form, you must mix a few drops of water in them.

Spray the mixture directly on beds, sofas, rugs, carpets, and mats.

2 Vinegar

According to the best flies removal service Perth, vinegar is rightly considered the best natural cleanser.

It can keep pests such as fruit flies and ants away.

Studies have shown that the powerful smell of vinegar repels the ants and successfully prevents them from making navigation trails.

You can use vinegar as a bait to trap and kill fruit flies.

Use this remedy unhesitatingly.

3 Baking Soda

Baking soda has been a tried and tested method used for eliminating cockroaches.

You can increase the effectiveness by mixing baking soda with powdered sugar.

Leave the mixture wherever you have seen roaches wandering in your house.

The experts providing flea removal service Perth said although a bit messy, this remedy is believed to be the best way to kill the bugs off.

4 Salt

Do you wish to free your house from ants as soon as possible?

Sprinkle salt around windows and doors and you will notice that the ants have stopped coming.

Salt can also help with fleas.

Scatter the granules on rugs and carpets to dispel the pests.

Keeping rosemary leaves on your pet’s bedding is another amazing way to discourage fleas.

5 Lime or Lemon Juice

Lime or lemon juice can keep snails, ants, and spiders at bay.

Spiders dont like the smell of citrus and would not come anywhere near your windows and doors if you have sprayed these areas enough.

As lemon and lime juices also come in concentrated forms, you should mix them with water under all circumstances.

6 Mint

The professionals working for the best pest control company in Perth said mint can repel a wide range of pests such as mosquitoes, flies, and ants.

You just have to keep crushed mint leaves near the windows, doors, and any area from where you feel the insects are entering. You can also plant the mint around the entryways.

It will lend an invigorating scent to your entire house.

7 Coffee Grounds

Pests and critters do not love coffee. . . actually, they hate it.

For the ants, coffee grounds have proven fatal.

You should get rid of the bugs by using the recycled coffee grounds. Sprinkle them all around your house.


Unwanted pests and critters can hamper the joy you plan on getting from your house and garden.

Try putting together the products you can easily find in your house and make your own effective pest solution.

Keep in mind the above remedies as they can get rid of the ‘problematic guests’ forever.

Are the home remedies above not working the way you imagined?

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