Flooring Done Right: How to Pick the Right Tiles for Your Home

Guest Post by Hubert Dwight

When it comes to designing the interior of your house, every detail matters—especially the flooring of your house, which speaks volumes about the room.

The floor is one of the most important components of a house, but most often, it is overlooked. However, you will see that when homeowners pay equal attention to the design and colour of the floor tiles, the home looks more welcoming and put together.

So, if you are planning to redo the entire flooring of the interior of your house, working with a tile store is a wise decision.

The experts will assist you with everything you need to renovate the floors.

You can also take the help of this article to figure out how to pick tiles that complement your house.

Consider the following criteria when you are picking tiles for your home:

Think About the Size of the Room

While choosing titles for your home, it is important to consider the size of the room/ rooms.

There is a rule of thumb that every interior designer follows while choosing the colour of the tiles with regard to the size of the room.

If the room is small, it is best to go for lighter shades such as beige, white, and light oak, giving the illusion that the area is large.

However, if the room is big, you must choose warm-tone colours such as walnut and charcoal to make it feel cosy and cohesive.

Consider the Mood of the Room

Before you choose a colour, consider the mood of the room because colours display emotions and can influence how one feels when one enters the room.

Many people make the mistake of not considering the colour of the walls and the floors when designing the interiors.

For example, cool-tone colours such as white and beige display purity, whereas blue is considered soothing and yellow is an every-green happy colour.

The mood you want to set in a room must be predetermined before you choose the colour of the tiles.

Doing this will help you plan the colour scheme of the room.

Pro tip: Go for white floors in bathrooms because they make it look clean and big and yellow-hued tiles for the kitchen; because who doesn’t want to be in a jolly mood while cooking?

Take the Location into Consideration

One type of tile may not be suitable for the whole house.

You need to remember that your home has different rooms with different needs.

For instance, your kitchen and your bathroom will need tiles that are water-resistant, stain-proof, and easy to clean.

On the other hand, you can go for fancier tiles for your living and drawing room.

Ceramic and vinyl tiles are the most preferred choice for the kitchen and bathroom because they can be easily cleaned, and marble is the top choice for living and drawing rooms because they give a rich and royal feeling while being affordable.

Find the Ideal Size

Choosing the right size of tiles is crucial to ensure that there is minimum wastage during installation.

Therefore, large tiles are most suitable for larger spaces such as living rooms, bedrooms, and drawing rooms, and smaller tiles are best for kitchens and bathrooms.

Find the Ideal Finish

There are three widely used types of tile finishes: glossy, matte, and semi-matte finish.

The glossy finish is very shiny and reflects a lot of light, so it’s best for those who want to make a smaller room to look bigger.

However, keep in mind that installing these tiles as flooring in the kitchen or bathroom can be a risk, as they tend to be a little slippery.

Matte finishes are not glossy but are water and stain-resistant, making them a great choice for kitchens and bathroom floors.

Semi-matte tiles are slip-resistant and glossier than matte tiles and look great when installed in bedrooms.


Your tiles speak a lot about your home, and therefore, it is extremely crucial that you choose the right ones.

While you will find a lot of guides online that will help you in the selection, it is best to rely on the experts for this task because installing tiles is a big investment.

You don’t want to spend money on tiles that don’t compliment your home or your personality!