Lap Dog Window – Fail

Three horizontal windows, a Builder’s design “Wow factor” that was quite common in show houses around 5 years ago.

What is the point of that bottom window?

About the only thing that could see out of it would be a small dog. A cat would just jump up to the higher window cill.

It must be a real pain to get down on your hands and knees to clean!

Do you need to get 3 separate blinds fitted?

The extra cost of 3 separate windows with the lintels between them must be fairly significant.

Walking round a new Display Village the other day I couldn’t see any examples of this detail so perhaps its gone out of Fashion.

Think I am being unkind……….tell me why I have got it wrong!


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  1. isabelle

    LOL I have often wondered about these!

  2. Austen

    Our soon-to-be-neighbours have these and when I asked them the same question they said it was great for airflow, they open the lower windows on one side of the house and the upper windows on the other.

    Maybe there is some method in this madness !

    1. Brian Ashworth (Post author)

      Interesting………Though last time I built I had top hung windows at the front which worked in the same way and were easier to clean


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