Why I Won’t Be Buying Anti-Bacterial Paint

anti bacterial paint

Or Any Other Home Anti-Bacterial Products!

The other night on the television I saw (at least 5 times) an advert for anti-bacterial paint.

Here are five reasons why I think this is marketing hype, and I won’t be buying it:

Personal Experience

It might have been the ‘Good Old Days’ but my children, my wife and I have all reached adulthood in good health without these ‘Wonder Products’.

Increasing Allergies

Since these products became common in the Western World the rate of allergies has boomed. . . . Coincidence? . . . Some people don’t think so!

One of the suspects  of the allergy boom is that reduced exposure to infections in early childhood can lead to an increased risk of allergy in later life.

Whats Wrong with Soap and Water

Various studies including the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have failed to show there is no real advantage in these sort of products for everyday products.

The Risks of Anti-Bacterial Products

 One of the most common antibacterial products is the chemical Triclosan. Studies have found that this can get into the environment which isn’t a good idea as it can harm plants and animals.

If it can harm animals what is it going to do to me long term?

Are We Creating Super Bugs?

Its interesting that Hospitals, the most enthusiastic users of Anti-Bacterial Products, seem to frequently have problems with so called Super Bugs like Golden Staph.


In case you are thinking I am coming over all ‘New Age’ I can tell you I am an enthusiastic supporter of immunisation, and anti-bacterial products in the right place. (e.g. Chlorine in public drinking water supplies has been proven to be a major health benefit)


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