Obtaining Quotes 2

I recently posted about using ‘Get Quotes Services’.

As a follow up here is my experiences with 2 different companies we asked for quotes from, for our air conditioning. ( We did contact 3 companies but only 2 responded)

Staycool Heating and Air Conditioning

Following a google search we found this company only a few km away.

We visited their industrial unit and talked with their representative about units and decided that Daikin Units with a high star rating are what we required.

The representative made a booking to come out to our house and talk to my wife.

The representative discussed the locations respectfully with my wife. He mentioned that  a couple of shrubs would need to be removed and asked whether the old box air conditioners would need to be removed and whether we wanted the holes fixing. My wife told him the shrubs would be removed by me and as long as the old units were removed I would repair the holes.

He returned to his office and later that day we received a detailed quote including model numbers of the units.

The Advert From The Newspaper

We also found an advert in the paper saying:

Air conditioners supplied and fitted, ask for seniors discount, with a mobile number,

So we thought we would give that a go.

The representative called round, had a cursory look around and handed my wife a handwritten quote basically just Saying “2 Daiken  air condition units” and a price, which was less than Staycool.

My wife said he treated her like ‘The Little Woman’ who wouldn’t know anything.

When I got back I phoned him and asked if the units were of the required star rating which he verbally confirmed.

I then asked for a written quote containing the model numbers, to which I still haven’t had a reply. . . . obviously customers who want written accurate details are too hard.


Here are some thoughts about getting quotes

If you are getting quotes make sure the quotes are on the same basis. . .  For instance the same model number, or a convincing reason why a different model is being offered.

Make sure the quote is detailed for example:

  • Model Number
  • Location of Units
  • Additional Work/Work by Owner

Remember accepting a quote is really accepting a contract. . . . Verbal information about a quote ‘Isn’t worth the paper it isn’t written on.

If you are getting work done and there is a problem it is much easier if you know the address of the supplier.


We used Staycool who turned up at the agreed time, did a fast and neat installation, and even lent me a nail gun to make a temporary patch of the holes where the old air conditioners were removed.


Disclosure: I have not been paid, received a discount, or any got any other benefit from Staycool for writing this post.