Why Adding a Patio to your New Home is the Right Choice

Guest post by Bryan Alexander

If you happen to live in Western Australia, you get to experience more sunshine hours than almost anywhere in the world,

With the outdoor lifestyle firmly embedded into the culture, you really should spend some time thinking about your outside area.

With a little creativity and a suitable budget, you could transform the most important area of the home, and make it a special area for you, your family, and your friends to enjoy.

A Comprehensive Solution

There are online companies that are dedicated to transforming outdoor areas, and for those who live in Western Australia, Perth Better Homes provide patios in Perth, and their in-house design team will help you to explore the possibilities, and whatever the outcome, they have the resources and the know how to make it happen.

They are experts at designing and creating unique outdoor areas that blend in perfectly with the home, and they can work to the client’s budget, which is ideal. 

This type of company would be able to arrange landscaping, awnings, lighting and garden furniture, and if you wanted to start from scratch, they would have the resources to complete the project.

Maximise your Summer Enjoyment

Having a nice terraced area with adequate shading and nice furniture is by far the best way to experience the long summer days and evenings, and with an outdoor kitchen, the patio is complete.

Entertaining will take on a whole new dimension, and your party dates will soon be etched on everyone’s calendar, and with some professional help at the design stage, you really can’t go wrong.

Add Living Space

If you have a very comfortable terraced area, you have effectively increased your living space, and with the right screening, the area can be turned into a room and can be used all year round.

If the patio is adjoined to the rear or the side of the property, you can install some sliding or bi-folding aluminium doors, which gives you easy access to the outdoor area.

Al Fresco Dining

There is definitely something special about enjoying a nice meal in a quiet, shaded area of the garden, and if al fresco is up your street, the perfect ambience can be achieved with the right awning and some suitable garden furniture.

This Mediterranean style is very popular in Australia, as the climate is ideal, and with the right lighting, the evenings will give you and your family a warm, inviting glow.

Complement the Property

You probably have your home just as you want it, but imagine what you could do if you added a stylish patio?

It would certainly add value to the property and with the right design,and would  complement the residence, and you and your family will always have a special reason for looking forward to the arrival of summer.

With the right help, there is no limit to what you can achieve in the garden, and the unlimited design options means your garden will have a truly unique look that will be the envy of all.

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    I think the question is, who wouldn’t want a patio as pleasant as that in the pic? Patios are what separates a good home from a great one. Great article!

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