Guest post by Jordon Vellutni

Most people when moving into a new home soon realise that there isn’t enough power outlets for their needs.

Although you can use extension cables and power boards these aren’t a great solution.

Having cables snaking round the room looks untidy and may be a tripping hazard.

Plugging several high power appliances into a power board can overload the cable and increase the risk of fire.

Long term the best solution is to add additional power outlets.


Once you have been in the house for a couple of weeks you will start to know where additional units would be useful.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Changing from double to quadruple sockets for TV/audio areas.
  • Having power outlets with USB charging points.
  • Additional outlets in the kitchen for toasters, coffee machines, food mixers, etc, etc
  • Convenient locations for table lamps and fans
  • Television in bedroom
  • Outside Entertaining area
  • Workshop area of garage
  • External outlets for Christmas lights


You can buy electrical outlets from a hardware store but I wouldn’t recommend that approach.

It’s much better to use an experienced electrical company such as Westline Electricans, Perth for the following reasons:

Knowledgeable Advice With up to date knowledge and contact with specialist suppliers an electrician may be able to come up with better alternatives than would be found in the typical DIY store.

Safety An electrician will prevent any risk of overloading any of the circuits is avoided, with it’s attendant fire risk.

Avoiding Damage Experienced electricians have the specialist tools that enable them to run cables behind the plaster so your walls and ceilings won’t be damaged.

Compliance with Regulations All electrical work needs a certificate of compliance to prove it has been installed by a competent person and meets the regulations. . . . Without the compliance certificate you could find your home insurance is invalid.