How to Fix a Leaky Roof?

Guest Post by Asad Shoaib

Your roof should be at the top of your maintenance list as a homeowner, as it has to go through a lot of wear and tear over the years.

You can fix your roofing issues wisely and effectively to make it look fresh and last longer than the expected years of its life.

Roof leakage is one of the major issues which every homeowner has to face.

Here are a few tips which may help you in fixing a leaky roof instantly and wisely.


Look for the Signs


Sometimes you can notice water dripping from your ceiling.

It then becomes obvious that your roof has leakage issues. . . . . but most of the times, the signs of roof leakage are less visible so check for damp patches/and or water staining.

You need to detect these signs at their earlier stages to ensure that they don’t cause any severe interior or exterior damage to your home.


Determine the Root Cause of Leakage


Once you are able to find a few signs of leakage, you should start looking for the actual root cause.

The best time to inspect your roof is when it’s not raining. It is important for your safety and also to find the culprit instantly.

The most common root causes for leakage are flashing around vent pipes, damaged or missing tiles, cracks in a chimney, clogged gutters, skylights, and attic ventilation.

You need to make a list and check each one of these causes separately to be able to determine the real culprit before your roof starts wearing down due to excessive water leakages.


Fix the Leak Spots or Causes


Now if you have determined the real root cause of your roof leakage, you can start repairing and fixing the issues to prevent any further disaster.

To fulfill the purpose, you must have proper knowledge and information regarding different materials and other parts of your roof.

Just applying sealant is not a long term solution!

For instance, you must know how to treat or repair tiles, shingles, asphalt roofs and other types of roof material differently.

If you don’t possess the required knowledge you can acquire some from expert’s guides and suggestions.

Similarly, if the root causes are other than your roofing material, you must have adequate information to fix each one of them.


Take Help from a Professional


Since roof leakage is a very critical issue, you might not have relevant expertise and skills to deal with it.

It is recommended to take help from reliable and renowned Ann Arbor roofing contractors who know how to fix the leaky roofs.

There is no room for any negligence and carelessness in the process of hiring a contractor for your roofing.

You need to get a checklist to ensure that you get the best one.

Any reliable roofer would have the required expertise, qualification, licenses, and insurances to perform his job efficiently.

If your chosen roofer lacks any one of the qualities and attributes, you need to think again before making a final decision.