Signs That You May Need A New Roof

Guest post by Asad Shoaib 

Some roofs reach their time limit after performing well for a many years.

It is your responsibility to get a new roof at the right time when the old one stops functioning properly.

You must possess the required knowledge to identify the problems and damages of your old roof to be able to make the right decision about getting a new roof.

Here are some of the signs which would give a red signal that you might need a new roof.

Moss Growth

Can you see any signs of moss growth on the surface of your roof?

If yes, it is a warning sign which indicates that your roof is not getting proper sunlight.

It can cause damage to your roof  by affecting their performance and holding water against the material

You can try to brush the moss off on your own, but if it still continues to grow after every small interval, you need to contact professional contractors for help.

Missing Tiles

It can be due to extreme weather conditions like winds, hail, and heavy rainfall that  missing tiles on your roof means that your roof is in serious trouble.

Although you can see the missing tiles on your own you might need assistance from professional roofing contractors Canton Michigan to determine the root cause of the problem.

In most of the cases, there is no solution to this problem except the replacement of the tiles altogether.

Grit in Gutter

If you are able to see grit in your gutters and downspouts, it shows clearly that the tiles have started to break down.

You can get the gutters inspected by the experts but the grit means the tiles are starting to deteriorating speedily and you need to start saving for major repairs..

Water Stains On The Ceiling

It is a really bad sign for your roofing if you see water stains.

A quick check is if you are able to see the sunlight when in your attic,

Severe leakage problems need to be addressed as soon as possible and repairs started.


Sagging is a clear indication of structural damage of your roof.

If your roof is sagging, there might be some problem with the roof structure.

In its earlier stages your professional contractor may be able to make a low cost reapait

With major sagging it will probably need your complete roof replaced.