The Commercial Kitchen Look, For A Keen Cook

Guest post by Sarah Williams

Do you dream of running a Cafe?

Perhaps you see yourself having a home restaurant on ‘My Kitchen Rules’

Do people tell you your preserves are good enough to sell?

If any of these questions apply to you perhaps you should go for the commercial kitchen look for your new house.


A key component of commercial style kitchens is that they are easy to clean, have large clear preparation areas and have safety as a major consideration

By designing it effectively, with planned workflow you will manage to finish up your work very fast and efficiently.


Good large refrigeration with plenty of storage is a key element in a commercial kitchen.

It enables you to do a lot of food preparation earlier in the day or even the previous day; something that will make catering for dinner parties in your home much easier.

Commercial Refrigeration units lowers the temperature quickly which helps preserve taste as well as preventing food borne ailments.

Many commercial refrigerators also have glass panels which allow you to check the contents without opening the door.


Suitable ovens, cook tops, and grills of a commercial standard will be much larger than standard domestic models with greater heat output to cook larger quantities.

This means a higher standard of extraction equipment will be needed.


You need a dishwasher that has a high temperature range to wash your kitchen equipment and ensure it is sanitised


Stainless steel is preferred for all surfaces as it is easy to clean and sanitise.

Plastic chopping boards mean you can sanitise them in the dishwasher

The Workflow and Layout of Commercial Kitchens

Local health departments only address themselves to the layout of commercial kitchens as far as food safety is concerned. For work to flow easily, these kitchens are designed in an effective manner. There is a need for having spaces in between the equipment to enable the workers to carry out their duties effectively without hitting one another.

Operating a Catering Business?

If you want to be more than a keen amateur cook you will need apply for a license that will need to be regularly inspected.