Give your exteriors a makeover with these 5 low-maintenance cladding materials

Guest Post By Hubert Dwight

As much as we love a freshly painted exterior wall which can brighten up your home’s outer appeal, you need something extraordinary to catch every passing-by eye, like cladding.

The external cladding has a charm of its own, which not only protects your building structure but also adds an astounding aesthetic appeal to your home like no other.

However, there are several considerations to bear in mind before making the final call, maintenance being a primary one.

Case in point, here is a list of low-maintenance cladding which won’t burn a big hole in your pocket every year in the name of upkeep.

Timber cladding

One of the most popular external wall cladding materials of all times that has been around for centuries, timber is a great favourite all around the globe.

It’s natural finish, longevity and unique stain shades make it a classic pick for houses with contemporary feels.

You have a broad range of options to choose from; however, it’s imperative to remember that timber is a natural product which will be impacted by environmental changes, so you should be expecting re-coatings and re-finishing in every 15 years or so.

Brick and stone cladding

Bricks and stones are other natural products which are widely used for cladding to cover a variety of purposes, low-maintenance, gorgeous appeal and insulation being some of them.

Since such materials can last a lifetime without any coats and finishes, they make the right fit for people who are on a budget, willing to go for a contemporary look and uninterested in spending a fortune on upkeep.  

You can opt for fibre-cement as well, which is again low on maintenance and other costs and is available in a whole range of colours with the ability to not rot.

Metal cladding

What makes metal cladding one of the most favoured cladding options is its versatility in style, design and colour and fewer upkeep costs as compared to various other cladding materials.

Metals like steel, zinc and aluminium composite cladding can stick around for 35-40 years with ease depending on the coating that they have been supplied with for your use.

Irrespective of which metal you opt for your external cladding, be assured that you are in for a visual treat for years.

Vinyl cladding

Coming in a wide range of design options with minimum maintenance, vinyl cladding serves as one of the cheapest cladding alternatives which are stylish and easy to install.

Whatever the theme may be, there will always be something in store for you when choosing vinyl.

Vinyl cladding lasts for over 50 years, and they are available in insulation categories as well, making them the perfect inexpensive pick for everyone.

PVCu cladding

Last but not least, PVCu cladding is a relatively new competitor in the market which has set its foot firmly in the industry.

Available in a massive range of finishes and colours, PVCu never fails to impress.

Such a material stays unaffected by the changing weather for decades, which makes it a cheaper alternative for homeowners.

However, it doesn’t respond well to UV light which can be taken care of with specific treatments, so you are looking at around 30 years of its use for your home.

External wall cladding looks stunning in every form because all the materials and styles have something unique to add to your curb appeal.

Use this guide to your advantage to choose what’s fits in beautifully for you, and don’t forget to hit the share button.