I’m Overseas

I’m travelling to Europe until the end of June.

During that time I will be monitoring my E mail . . . . but rather than continuously, it might be once a day.

Sorry if I can’t respond to any requests in the usual timely fashion during this period.



  1. James Richards

    Hello Brian,
    I’ve been reading and enjoying some of your articles, thanks for the good and useful info. I wanted to comment on your Outdoor lighting article http://anewhouse.com.au/2017/01/outside-lighting/ but there doesn’t seem to have a option to do so on that page. Anyway here’s the comment/question: are you sure about your figures in comparing lighting costs? You give cost over 10 hours for one and the other for 1 hour, both are given in decimalised dollars rather than cents.
    $0.10 equals 10 cents which over 10 hours is 1 cent an hour for the 4 watt light.
    $0.04 equals 4 cents which is 4 cents an hour for the 37.5 times bigger 150 watt light.
    Did you possibly mean 1 cent per hour verses 40 cents jwrichards1@gmail.com per hour?
    Kind regards, James.

    1. Brian Ashworth (Post author)

      You are quite correct I must have confused myself, and I have now corrected it thanks.

      The reason you couldn’t comment is that Iclose comments on a post after 3 months to reduce the amout of spam comments I have to deal with.

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