The Evolving Relationship Between Technology and Real Estate

Guest Post by Andre Smith

We live in a world that is quite literally cloaked in all the marvellous feats of technological advancement and exponential digital growth.

We have created this world; it exists for no other reason than simply because we willed it, and then we worked to bring it to fruition.

Practically every facet of modern life, every industry with a notion in this digital age, has faced its own challenges and adaptive refinements in the face of technological absolution.

In the real estate industry, for example, we are now seeing what will inevitably come to be known as the humble beginnings of technological disruption in one of the most traditional industries in the entire world.

How did we get to this point, and where will real estate evolve to next?

A traditional industry embracing modern innovations

Historically, real estate is a traditional industry, through and through.

Today, that is all changing, with rapid digitalisation taking full effect, creating a new frontier for real estate the world over.

From the property marketing efforts, to the buyers agents for residential property, traditional advertising and marketing efforts are being slowly but surely pushed out of sole function and used in collaboration – or entirely removed from the process altogether – with modern marketing concepts.

Many of the innovations thus far are seemingly subtle, but they have made phenomenal waves and massive changes for the industry.

Technological disruption takes real estate by storm

Today, the global real estate industry is being shaken to the core by technological advancement – in all the best ways.

Everything from the platform that contacts are sent through from realtor to buyer, renter, or investor, to the 3D virtual reality inspection queues that are becoming the new way to inspect prospective properties, has all compiled to forge an exceedingly strong beginning to real estate technology.

This is the digital age, and these innovations go the distance in creating new, more efficient and faster alternatives to age-old real estate processes and systems.

Future of tech in real estate

Today, technological innovation is relatively new and thus small-scale in the realm of real estate, but tomorrow it is likely to have bloomed into a key function of the real estate industry, through and through.

Already we are beginning to see technology in real estate ramp up in every level.

The real estate industry is becoming more efficient, faster, and more accessible than ever to renters, buyers, sellers, and investors alike.

The technology in properties is fast advancing and becoming more of a staple, a must for new homeowners, rather than a niche bonus – and where that technology is likely to evolve to next.

This is the way of the future of real estate, and it is exciting to know that this is only the beginning as well.

Like much of the modern world, real estate is still adjusting to its digital re-vitalisation, but already the changes are making significant, overwhelmingly positive impact.

Real estate is becoming a tech-savvy field on all angles, and it speaks volumes of the dramatic and rapid pace at which technologies have swept over the entire planet.