What You May Not Know About Plumbers

Guest post by Bijoy Hembram

One of the major amenities you probably have in your home is water and waste water services.

They allows you to shower, cook, and carry out other things in your home.

When everything is working well, everyone takes it for granted, until it stops!.

Plumbers take care of everything that goes wrong with the house plumbing system.

To better understand how plumbers work, we have decided to explain a few things that you may not know about them.

There are far worse things than clogged toilets

A lot of people think that clogged toilets are the worst things that could happen in their homes.

While this may be true, plumbers face far worse things like clogged restaurant sinks.

The problem with such things that oil and grease gets down and solidifies in the drainage system.

Soap doesn’t usually work on such grease, and the smell is usually far worse than what you would expect.

They wish people would stop flashing cell phones down the toilet

Surprisingly enough, most people that drop their phones in toilets try to flush them away instead of removing them.

Is it because they think they are contaminated and don’t want to touch them?

What these people don’t know is that a cell phone cannot go down the drain.

It ends up blocking the drain, and the plumber has to unclog it.

Most Plumbers have fixed rates

Most professional Melbourne plumbers will not just walk into a home and start pulling prices from thin air.

They usually have a process in place that determines the price of certain repairs, and when things change, they always discuss the reasons why the price has risen.

Professional plumbers don’t work slowly just to charge more on labour either, they would rather get on to the next job.

Even though some unscrupulous plumbers have hidden fees that surprise you, competent plumbers will be upfront
and transparent.

They try to get on site as soon as possible

Professional and competent plumbers will understand that plumbing emergency issues can cause damage in a very short time.

For this reason, they try to get to the site as soon as possible, especially plumbers that offer 24-hour services.

Regardless of what it is, they fix it is fast, and as efficiently as they can in order to get your home back to what it should be.

They wish people would stop using drain cleaners

Most chemicals formulated to break up clocks are usually not very effective.

Even if they are effective, its usually only temporary and they can cause corrosion in your drain system.

If used too much, the pipes would have to be replaced.

These chemicals could also hurt the plumber, when they start cleaning the drain, so if you have used them, you should warn the plumber beforehand.

They wish you knew that most things are not flushable

Most plumbers are usually just awed at how many clogged toilets are blocked due to hygiene products that simply don’t go down the drain.

Some of the things that are not flushable are wipes, in spite of what the manufacturers claim, because all they do is swell and clog the pipes.

Throwing away wipes in the dustbin usually solves the problem.