Do You Need To Update Your Security System?

Guest Post by Maria Dalit

This article will help you decide if you need to update your security system if you’ve moved into a new house and you have no idea what to do with its existing security system. 

In truth, the best thing to do is to fully update everything.

The more update your security system is, the better.

Newer and more robust security technologies are being introduced by the minute and if you’re existing security system is at least five years old, chances are it’s already considered ancient in the industry.

However, you need not fully update everything.

In truth, regardless if you bought a new house or not, whenever you encounter a question involving the update of your security system, you actually have three options:

  1. Use the existing system as is and just have it activated.
  2. Go for an upgrade on old parts.
  3. Go for a full update and upgrade and dispose of your current security system.

To know which of the three options is best for you, we’d carefully discuss the pros and cons of each.

After reading this, you’d easily be able to know what to do with your current security system.

Option No. 1: Activating Your Existing Security System

If your new property already comes with an existing security system, the option of just having it reactivated is very much available to you.

The same principle applies regardless if we talk of a home security system or a business security system. 

But should you simply have it reactivated?

Well, it depends on numerous factors.

Of the many factors, you have to prioritize the security system’s age and its manufacturer.

Legacy security systems are common because they actually get the job done.

However, old ones can’t be relied upon as much because updating and upgrading will be pretty challenging.

If your existing security system is already outdated, its security capabilities will already be limited as upgrades and updates won’t be possible.

Old security systems are also more vulnerable as most still send alerts via landlines that can easily be cut by intruders.

You’re lucky if your system is up-to-date because you just simply need to reconnect it.

Sticking with old systems is budget-friendly because you won’t need to spend so much on new expensive hardware.

If you have a to-code fire system, we DO NOT recommend have it replaced because the process is complicated and pretty expensive.

Option No. 2: Updating Your Current System

If you think your current security system needs some work already, then you should consider giving it an update or upgrade.

This option is financially sound because you won’t have to spend as much.

Old systems only have limited parts that can be updated.

The older a system is the lesser probability of having more parts updated.

If you’re open to upgrading limited parts, it’s best to look for local security providers that can guide you every step of the way on all your security systems Perth needs.

Because they are experts in the field, they’d easily be able to enlist all your upgrade options upon seeing your system.

They can also easily give model recommendations that fit the level of security you need. 

If your current security system still connects to a landline, we highly suggest that you have it updated already because such a system is sensitive to tampering.

Look for a security systems provider that offers cellular modules so you could easily connect your entire security system to your smartphone.

Option No. 3: Disposing of Your Old Security System

If you want to reconnect your current system nor do any limited hardware update or upgrade, then the best thing for you to do is to opt for a full upgrade.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, this is pretty much the best option because opting for it will give you numerous choices when it comes to the latest in security and surveillance technology.

This can be a costly choice, but it’s way better than updating on a minimal basis but always needing to have technicians around to fix slowly deteriorating systems and parts.

If you’re going to add up unwanted repair costs that would accumulate through time, the costs will be pretty much the same.

The truth of the matter is, old security systems were not designed to last for a long time. This is why old systems are prone to errors, lags, shutdowns, and malfunctions. 

Security systems installed in the early 2000s are pretty much ancient at this point.

If you think that you’re saving more from not updating it, you’re actually doing the opposite.

Older systems are harder to maintain because upkeep requires experts on the system that is now slowly dwindling.

If you’d opt for a full upgrade, you’d highly benefit from today’s technology that allows for security systems to last for decades.

Today’s security systems are easily programmable and conveniently upgradable across all endpoints.

They are now so simple that some can even be installed without the help of technical experts.

Today’s security systems are also wireless and mobile-friendly.

Wireless systems with their own touchscreen panel are highly customizable.

Users can easily add features for smart locks, smart lighting, and even thermostat control. What’s ultra amazing is the fact that all can be controlled and monitored through your smartphone.

Choose Wisely

While going for a full-on upgrade of your entire security system is advised, we still highly recommend for you to explore different options and factors.

You need not spend a lot if what you have is already working and just needs a few tweaks here and there.

Knowing your priorities when it comes to maintaining your property’s security is best for it will allow you to zone in on matters and factors that truly matter.