5 Reasons To Upgrade To Three-Phase Power

Guest Post By James Abbott

When it comes to selecting electrical power phases, you may have to consider factors such as dependability, efficiency, and safety.

But if you’re unsure whether you should upgrade your power supply from one phase to a three-phase system, consider where you want to install the power supply based on the voltage required by your appliances.

Take a look at some of the points mentioned in this article to see how a three-phase power supply could be beneficial to you.

What Is A Three-Phase Power System

To assist you in your decision-making, you may want to understand the difference between a three-phase power supply and a single-phase power supply used in Australia.

A single-phase power supply connects the circuit with a single wire, resulting in a very low voltage, suitable for domestic use.

Meanwhile, three different alternating current (AC) voltages are used in a three-phase power supply.

Each voltage alternates between positive and negative charges at different points in a sequence.

When compared to a single-phase system, this improves supply consistency and qualifies the phase three power supply for large commercial businesses.

Why Upgrade To A Three-Phase Power System Now 

Now that you know brief details about the three-phase power system, you may ask why is it necessary to switch to one from your current power supply system now.

What would it bring to the table that you can find beneficial?

Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of going with a three-phase power system for your electricity needs.

  • To Align Three-Phase Equipment With Three-Phase Power Supplies

It may be inconvenient and inefficient to use a single-phase power supply alongside an appliance designed to use a three-phase power supply.

You may discover that some equipment performs poorly when powered by a single-phase power system due to an unbalanced voltage.

Many older homes built in New South Wales and other areas are said to be equipped with a single-phase power supply.

In order to improve the energy efficiency in these residential properties, you could hire a local company that has level 2 electricians Sydney to help you upgrade your power phase safely and effectively.

  • Optimizes Electricity Use

To decide whether to upgrade to a three-phase power supply, you must first determine how much electricity your household uses.

Your electricity bill will show you the amount of energy you use in your home.

If your household electricity consumption exceeds a certain level, you should consider upgrading to a three-phase power supply.

It’s critical to note that if you have excess electricity-consuming appliances such as ovens and air conditioners, upgrading may be an option for you.

  • To Extend the Life of Your Machinery Or Equipment

Have you ever wondered why some of your machinery isn’t lasting long?

It’d probably be a sign that you need to upgrade your power supply phase soon.

Usually, machinery that doesn’t last that long could be due to doing too much work with a limited power supply.

Using a three-phase power supply may help you reduce the amount of work performed by your equipment because they draw fewer volt-amperes, extending the life of your equipment.

Upgrading may thus be a way to avoid having to replace your equipment on a regular basis due to a lack of durability.

  • It’s Ideal For Commercial Enterprises

If you’re certain that you want to use your electricity for commercial purposes, such as manufacturing, you may need to go with a three-phase electricity system for your location. 

As previously stated, the phase three power supply extends the life of equipment, making it suitable for commercial use because it saves on machinery and power supply costs.

This is due to the fact that the three-phase power never drops to zero due to the low energy loss from vibration.

This implies that it has the ability to generate more power, even if it has a similar amount of current as a phase one power.

As a result, having a phase 3 power supply may benefit you commercially in terms of energy costs.

  • To Avoid Power Interruptions

It’s important that you note how power outages can easily affect your business or your daily plans.

This could all be avoided by simply resorting to upgrade your power supply to phase three.

Employing a three-phase power supply is believed to reduce power outages.

When you use this type of power supply, you’ll be using a single alternating current to power multiple circuits which will help to lower down the chances of experiencing power outages.


If you’re thinking about upgrading to a three-phase power supply system for your home or business, you should think about the benefits it has over one phase power supply. It may be useful to consider both short-term and long-term reasons for upgrading to a phase three power supply.

You should also keep in mind that the world and its technology are constantly changing, so this could be an opportunity to upgrade and future-proof your residence or store.


James Abbott

James Abbott is an electrical consultant with a track record in the field of electrical design.

He is an expert in AutoCAD, as well as electrical and power systems.

For the past nine years, he has worked as an independent consultant for different companies.