Wastewater Treatment ‘House’ – WIN !!

Would you like to live near a Sewage Treatment Plant?………….Well the 2 storey house in the centre of this picture is the Osprey Point Sewage Treatment Plant.

You can see from the photo how close it is to the houses in this upmarket New Jersey Retirement Village.

I have visited this plant and talked to the people in the houses and there is:


      • No Noise.

In fact people like living near the ‘Plant’  because there is a bit more of a separation from their ‘Neighbor’.

The link below will take you to the Google Maps Location if you want another look.

Osprey Dr
Upper Township, NJ 08230, USA

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The treatment plant is built by a company called Aqueonics in the USA.

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  1. Jerry Traynham


    This is sensational. Let me know if you ever need anything from me on any other of our projects you intend to highlight.

    We have testimonials from a host of folks living near many of the treatment plants and have lived there for years. In all cases they all say the same thing. They don’t even realize that it is even there.

    Its worth mentioning that our plants can provide recycled water back to the residents of the community.

    Thanks for all your effort. I really like it.

    Jerry Traynham

    1. Brian Ashworth (Post author)

      No Worries Jerry
      As a long time worker in the Waste Water industry its nice to show people that treatment plants don’t have to smell.

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