Pre-Start (Selection) Meeting

Some builders call it Selection, some call it Pre-Start, if you are having a custom built new house it will be Detailed Design.

Whatever it’s called this is the stage of the pre-construction planning when the basic floor plan and the structure have been settled.

Its now time to move on to all the details that finish the home off.

Spending some time thinking about the details can make a real difference to how you will feel about the new house you have built.


A word of warning, its easy to get carried away and add tens of thousands of dollars to the price of your new house so do some research and think about how you intend to use your house. (I have seen some houses with built in European Ovens costing thousands of dollars that hardly get used)


Some of the things you need to be thinking about at this stage are:

  • Roof and Walls – If you haven’t already chosen them you will need to select bricks and roof materials.
  • Electrical Planning – Have you got enough power sockets, are the light switches in the right place.
  • Kitchen Benchtops and Cupboards – The kitchen is the most expensive room in the house and the most used.
  • Plumbing – After Kitchens the next most expensive room. An expensive toilet can be ten times the cost of an acceptable builders standard toilet, so its worth thinking about costs not just the look.
  • Tiles and Splashbacks – A tile from the builders range won’t add much but choose hand made tiles and expensive glass splashbacks and the costs can rocket.
  • Floor Covering – There is a wide range of choice, or you could wait until the house is yours!
  • Doors – First impressions count so make sure your front door looks good.


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