What’s on the Nature Strip?

Don’t forget to have a look at the Footpath and Nature Strip!

Often forgotten but what’s there can affect what you can do with the block, and general livability.

Nature StripSome of the things that can affect you are:

  • Place of the Crossover If the driveway crossover isn’t where you want it it can cost you several thousand to have the existing one removed and a new one built. In some cases you may not get permission to move it particularly if it is close to a junction.
  • Street Light Pole Some people hate having a light pole outside their house. As for me, I love it, as I think it provides extra security.
  • Street Trees Street trees can be an advantage or a disadvantage. The advantage is they can be an excellent source of shade particularly if your house faces West. The major disadvantage are mature trees can affect the the location of your driveway and thus the house layout. On a new estate it can be much easier to have trees relocated.
  • Fire Hydrant As well as being an obstacle to any future driveway the fire hydrant will restrict parking outside your house.
  • Utility Inspection Covers If you have to incorporate a utility cover into a driveway it may increase the cost of construction.
  • Utility Poles Generally fairly rare on new subdivisions with services typically being underground. For an established block as well as potentially being in the way it may detract from the view.
  • Parking Restriction Not good if you expect lots of visitors who will need street parking.
  • Bus Stops Something I would really suggest you avoid with problems of privacy, litter and noise.


For more Information why not look at: The Guide to Buying a Block



  1. Sandy

    And when the council does mow it, people complain that it’s not mown well – one comment was “the council’s contractors are very good at turning grass into dirt, but not much else!

  2. Brice T. Bryan

    A friend refuses to mow his “nature” strip, with the rationale that it is not in any way resembling nature. Grass in the bush, is not surrounded by concrete, doesn’t get mowed, or edges trimmed.

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