Battleaxe Block


Have you seen a ‘Battleaxe Block’ advertised and wondered what it is?………….Well it is a block that only has a 3-4m frontage on the street.

Often these blocks are as a result of subdividing a long block with the rear block then becoming the ‘Battleaxe block” – coloured red, as in this plan.

In the plan the existing house has been retained.

You will also often find cases where the original house has been demolished to allow 2 blocks to be sold at the same time.

Another way of splitting a large block is a ‘Small Strata’ Development. (see this link: Small Strata)

What  are the issues with Battle Axe Blocks?


To get access to the site you will require at least 20m of driveway and perhaps a turning area. This will have a substantial costs. I would allow at least $600/m run of driveway for a temporary gravel driveway during construction and for final concrete at completion.

You may save on this cost by going for a Small Strata Development with a common driveway, instead of a Battle Axe Block but:

  • Getting agreement from your neighbour to use the access for the construction can be difficult.
  • In my experience the best way to have good relations with neighbours is minimise causes for dispute. Sharing a driveway means that your parking options are limited.
  • Looking after the shared driveway is like some of the ‘Community Title’ issues (see this link: Community Title )

An advantage of that long driveway is if you put a gate with a childproof lock at the front it gives a safe area for toddlers to play.

Additional Service Costs

You will be need to bring in some if not all of the following service for an extra 20-30m.

  • Power.
  • Phone.
  • Water, could be two services if you want recycled water.
  • Gas, if it is available.
  • Storm water drainage, can be a problem if inadequate fall and property drains to road.
  • Sewer, usually this is at the back of the block but check before you buy.

Additional Building Costs

I have heard additional building costs of more than $15,000 for battleaxe blocks because of a restricted site (see this link to find out more: Restricted Site)

In Conclusion

I am not saying don’t buy a Battleaxe Block, just make sure that you think carefully about the implications.

What issues have you found with Battleaxe blocks?


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