6 Reasons To Have A Pool

I recently posted on 6 Reasons Why I Won’t Have a Pool and got some comments back. . . . . . so here are some Alternative Views.

swimming pool

  1. Heat Relief – Dive in to cool off on a sweltering day. One suggestion I received was have a TV installed so you can watch it from the pool.
  2. Keeping Children Occupied  – Playing in the pool can keep children occupied for hours, and gets them away from the computer games.
  3. Relaxing –  The  resort effect can put you in a holiday mood.
  4. Exercise –  Even if the pool is not big enough to swim lengths there are  resistance exercises such as  Water Aerobics.
  5. Parties – Great location for family pool party.
  6. Emergencies – The pool water can be used to fight a bush fires. Pool water should only be used as a last resort as it can contaminate tank water, kill plants, and cause corrosion on unprotected steel.

I’m still not convinced, but if you think you might want a pool it should be considered before you buy a block and plan your home.


  1. Alistair McLean

    7. If you have a solar pool heater running on your roof it will take a lot of the heat from the roof space. In Melbourne’s recent heatwave we were amazed at how cool the inside of the house was without running the air conditioner. In previous summers, without the solar pool heater, we have had to run the air conditioner everyday.

    1. Brian Ashworth (Post author)

      Good point. I have previously mentioned that PV solar panels will put the roof in shade but with a solar pool heater you will probably pulling the temperature down to around 25 degrees.


  2. Ant

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