The Risk Of Too Much Security

As I visit lots of houses I often wonder if some houses have too much security.

I see lots of houses with roller shutters or even steel gratings over the windows like these.Window Grill

Quite often when I ring the bell the owner seems to spend ages unlocking the various locks and bolt on the front door.

Yes they are keeping people out . . . . . but what happens if there is a fire in the house?

In a typical year around 70 People die in Home fires in Australia.

So before you put more security in your house . . . .Think about how you would get out in a fire!

Here are some thoughts about making sure you keep safe:

  • Although I typically have two locks on my doors I only lock the deadbolt when I am going out.
  • If you do want to lock the deadbolt while you are inside always leave a set of keys where it is easily accessible in an emergency.
  • Think about how you would escape through the window if you couldn’t get to the door. I would be able to smash a window and get out . . . But would shutters or bars lock you in, with the flames!


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  1. Den

    Greate post. Keep writing such kind of info on your blog. Im really impressed by it.

  2. Jean

    And yet the new regulations designed to prevent children from falling out of 1st or higher floor windows will create just such a fire trap. I’m all for keeping children safe but the regulations seems misguided and not well thought out

    1. Brian Ashworth (Post author)

      Good Point. (For anyone unfamiliar with the new regulations for upper floor windows see: )


  3. Seyler

    You certainly come with great posts. With thanks for sharing with us your web site.

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