Block Retaining Wall – Loose Lay

Borderstone BlockLoose lay retaining wall blocks are concrete blocks that have a nib cast on the underside. (see photo) This stops each block slipping forward of the block below.

There are a number of different manufacturers and most produce more than one type of block. You will normally find several different types of block in any of the big DIY Stores.

The sketch below shows a typical construction detail for this type of wall. (check the manufacturer’s web site as most provide comprehensive design and installation guides)

block retaining wall

The most critical aspect of building a wall is to get the foundation and the first course right. Although you can use gravel I would probably go for a concrete foundation and then lay the first course on mortar to allow for adjustment.

Although this type of wall will be more expensive than a sleeper wall it can be laid in curves as well as straight lines.


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