Heating – Which Is Cheapest?

Thinking about how you are going to heat your new Home and get Hot Water?

Heating costs do vary depending on state and depending on whether you live in the bush or city.

Historically the cost of heating a home has been, from cheapest to most expensive:

    • Solar. (check out Passive Solar)
    • Wood , Collected. (Will take around 10 days to gather enough for winter)
    • Heat Pumps.
    • Natural Gas. (The way gas prices are going up, $300-$400/year announced today! this may no longer be the case soon!)
    • Off-Peak Electricity. 
    • Peak Rate Electricity. (peak rate electricity is relatively cheap in Tasmania)
    • Wood, Purchased. (Better to buy at least 1 cubic m rather than buying at the servo)
    • Liquified Petroleum Gas. (It’s not just the cost of the gas you also have to pay for cylinder rental)

Whichever method you choose its going to be cheaper if you get the House Size and the Insulation right!


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