Floor Loadings

Floor LoadingOne of the things with blogging about houses is you can’t stop looking at buildings.

I was on holiday in Cairns a couple of weeks ago and looking out of my hotel saw this balcony.

What a great idea to have a Spa on the balcony! . . or is it?

That spa when full of water and with 4 adults could weigh in excess of 1,500kg (1.5 tonnes)

With the pumps running there could also be quite a bit of vibration.

I wonder what the building engineer thought of the idea?

Any Plans For Heavy Items?

Heavy items such as Spas, or even Pianos will be fine on a slab ground floor.

If however you want them on the first or second floor make sure the building engineer knows what your want.

Most structural frames should be able to take the load but you could get considerable deflection of the supporting beams.


Something that is often forgotten is how you would get large and/or heavy items up stairs.

In one investment property I owned it was hard enough getting a double mattress up the stairs!