Keeping Solar Panels Clean

solar panelI saw this solar panel with the sharp jagged plate on the top edge to stop bird perching the other week.

So I thought it was a good reminder that solar panels aren’t just fit and forget. . . . if they get dirty performance will go down

Here are some of the issues:

Bird Poop

The main issue is birds perching on the top edge so either a wire, spikes, or a plate like this one will reduce the risk.

General Dirt

You will know that all windows get dirty over time so its the same for solar panels.

Having a reasonable slope on the panels is a good start so rain will wash away the majority of dirt.

It may also be worth investing in one of those glass shield products that makes the glass ‘smoother’.


People on the Alternative Technology Forum have found this can be a problem.

At the very least it could be worth aiming to inspect the panels once a year and give them a clean.