Pool Before, Or After House

I have seen pools built before the house is built, and afterwards, so I thought I would discuss the options.

Build First

A lot of people find it very hard to visualise a finished house and it’s surrounds from drawings.

Especially when you are faced with a large empty block.

If this is you then it might be worth waiting until the house is built.

The problem is that unless you have a wide, or corner block, you are likely to cut off easy access to the site.

This means that

  • There will be a lot of mess around your new home during the build
  • The pool build will be more expensive, and take longer.

Pool First

If the pool is built first there will normally be good access to the site for large excavators and tip trucks.

There will be no need tor large cranes to lift heavy loads over the house.

As a result it should be possible to save thousands of dollars on the price of your pool.

You should also be able to take a dip in the pool as soon as you move in.


Co-ordination between Architect, House Builder, and Pool Builder is critical.

Make sure that all three agree on the location, and height, before any construction starts

A couple of problems I have heard about with pools are:

  • A pool was built before the house where the pool builder was given the wrong height by the owner. . . . When the builder arrived on site he realised that for the house to match the pool height would cost another $30,000 for additional fill and foundations, which was down to the owner.
  • The property owner decided to have the pool built after handover, but didn’t tell the builder to avid the area. The builder laid the house drainage and sewerage pipes across the pool area. . . . . Re-laying the pipes cost an extra $4,000.


Photo from www.Buzzle.com