Recycling Builder’s Waste

During the building process there can be a lot of materials that would go to waste if you don’t speak to the builder and make sure they are left on site.

Here are some of the materials we have saved and reused to save us considerable time and money.


Bricks being used as path edge

    • Broken bricks and roof tiles were used to form the foundations of most of the paths around our property. A topping of Tuscan chippings has formed some great rustic paths.
    • Some complete roof tiles were saved, to be used in case of any future damage.
    • Sand was spread over an area that had been dug over to help break up the clay.
    • Complete bricks were used as path edging and Scoria from the drainage pipe surrounds was used to infill the area between paving slabs. (see photo )
    • Timber was used for formwork for additional concrete paths.
    • Large rocks from the excavation were used as garden features.
    • Small rocks were used to edge rustic paths and walls etc.
    • One piece of broken drainage pipe was used to make a washing basket stand near the washing hoist. Another was used to form a small bridge as a garden feature.

      Pipe as washing basket stand


What builder’s waste have you found useful?

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