Biennale Art for your Living Room

Last week I was in Venice, and went along to the 2017 Biennale. a festival of the ‘Best International Art’.

I thought I would show you some of the exhibits that you replicate in your Living Room for just a few dollars.

First up we have the ‘Ikea Wastepaper Basket Full of Shredded Paper’.

I was almost taking things seriously at this point so I can tell you the real name is ‘Shredded Masaccio Book’ by Ciprian Muresan.

The next one is “Bunnings Garage Shelving With Assorted Plastic Boxes’

I was laughing too much at this stage so I had to move on without getting the details (Didn’t want to upset those  ‘Arty’ people who seemed to be taking this stuff very seriously!

. . . .  and finally

‘Stack Of Coloured Plastic Baskets with Funnels From The $2 Shop’


Although all this seems fairly silly the reality is somewhere taxpayers are shelling out thousands for this sort of stuff!


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