2017 Innovative Kitchen Designs for Australian New Homeowners

Guest post By Andre Smith

The kitchen is the heart of the house, and a home without a proper kitchen is a place where family happiness and warmth is lacking.

It is the place where many families spend a lot of their time together, and rather than being considered just another room it acts as a social club in the home.

Have you ever thought of upgrading or remodelling your kitchen?

If you haven’t, this is the perfect time to find kitchen sinks online to make it trendy with exciting new designs and products.

There are many reasons why you need to modernise it.

Most of the activities we undertake at home from socialising, helping the kids with their home-work, entertaining, planning ahead to cooking these days take place in the eating space.

Since for most of our day-to-day functions and activities we depend on the kitchen, it is only sensible to make the space as functional and as inviting as possible.

It is true that many people faced with the task of upgrading their kitchens are at a loss on how to proceed.

That should not stop you because in this article, there are important tips and advice on what you need to do to modernise the space.

A good kitchen design needs to have proper ergonomics coupled with a thoughtful and innovative layout.

It also incorporates durable kitchen products and tasteful finishes which should help you to make the right decisions when you are renovating your kitchen.

Here are the things you need to consider about kitchen sinks online for you remodelling.

Layout and Design

Kitchens are today shared family spaces that allow eating and working in the same place.

The spaces in the kitchen should therefore borrow from other areas of our lives to permit versatility.

The design should allow flexibility for things like integration of a bench top dining table to double as workspace for home-office.

The design should be spacious enough to encourage family chit-chat and social vibe for the family.

A secondary prep or bar area in the kitchen layout can be created in an island position to allow group interaction while cooking is taking place.

Often the island can contain a sink but have you considered putting your cook top there.

Kitchen Finishes, Styles and Colours

To help create a homey ambience in the space, you can try to use colour palettes that are darker and moody like charcoal grey or black palettes.

Many modern kitchens have black features such as stone splash back, feature tiles or black appliances.

New designs incorporate various colour layering and texture that have mixes of mediums for creating practical spaces that are visually interesting.

Some choice colours to think of are slate bench tops or dark porcelain with splashback tiles that are 3-Dimensional.

Bench tops of Caesarstone with polished shining mirror finish imposed on cabinetry of super matte black coupled with brass, copper or gunmetal taps can add to the beauty.

To balance the sleek finishes, use organic elements that look natural for the island, flooring and tiling. Another popular look is the tuxedo look which combines two colour schemes.

Kitchen Hardware and Cabinetry

The way forward for kitchen cabinets seems to be colour blocking with contrasting colours for the wall cabinets.

The colour combos are muted gray with navy, black and white or timber and grey.

But it is generally expected that for 2017 navy will be the kitchen colour because it combines perfectly with brass accessories.

In order to maximise on space for storage, many wall cabinetry reach to the underside of the ceilings in many kitchen designs.