Thinking About Pets

Did you think about your pets when you planned your new House?

Will the House and garden be safe for your pets when you move?

Here are some things to think about:


Where will the pet sleep at night?

Where will it have access to during the day?. . . . For instance check out this Cat Lovers House

Where will it food be placed? and a litter tray be for cats? I like to keep the litter tray away from carpets, and anywhere else where I might walk with bare feet.

Are you going to give a dog access to the whole of the back yard or just a run.

Will there be shelter for the dog in the yard? We used to leave the dog bed under the verandah at one house, at another we had a porch at the back door.

How are you going to deal with a wet dog after a walk?. . . a regular reader of this blog told me they have planned an extra large laundry with a shower big enough to wash their two dogs.

When You Move In

Are any fly screens cat/dog proof , , , I would recommend any fly screens that protect doorways have a strong metal mesh.

Are all gates in place.

Do  the fences go right down to the ground, and are high enough to prevent jumping. . . . we had a medium sized dog which had never escaped until we moved to a new house and my wife got a job.  . . . It then started jumping a 1.5m brick fence.

Is there a risk your pet will try to dig under the fence?

Do you check your plants to check they aren’t toxic to your pets?


We have only had dogs and cats as pets, so there may be other questions for different pets.