Low Cost Vertical Garden

So you have just moved in your new house, and there are a lot of blank fence panels.

Perhaps a few plants in a vertical garden would break up the view.

Perhaps you haven’t got much money after paying for upgrades to the house.

Here is how to start a low cost vertical garden using old milk bottles.


  1. Get some 2 litre milk bottles and cut the tops off half the number like the 2nd photograph.
  2. Drill some 3mm holes about 10mm from the bottom.
  3. Drill a hole in the handle for the hook
  4. Paint them green (I used Rust-oleum 2X )
  5. Make a cut about 10mm from the base of the remaining bottles and save the base,
  6. Turn upside down and drill a number of holes in the bottom, see photo
  7. Place the drilled bottom in the painted bottle, this acts as a reservoir* for water,
  8. Fill the bottle with compost and plant.
  9. You can hang the bottles direct off the fence. . . . but I fixed a piece of reinforcing mesh to the fence and hung the bottles off that.

 *I did try first without the reservoir and the plants dried out too much with the reservoir the plants survived a 3 week absence in Autumn.