Pros and Cons of Green Roofing

Guest Post by Asad Shoaib

Green roofing brings excessive benefits for your buildings and homes.

As it is completely covered by plants and vegetables, it becomes an extremely eco-friendly and energy efficient option.

As everything comes with both merits and demerits, there are also a few negative things attached with green roofing system.

Here are both the pros and cons of green roofing mentioned for your better understanding.

Pros of Green Roofing

Let’s start with its positive sides which are mentioned below.

It Improves the Drainage System

A sustainable drainage system is compulsory to run your home successfully.

The last thing any homeowner would want to deal with is flooding and poor drainage system.

It is a huge threat which you can counter with a green roofing solution for your home. It stores a huge amount of water in its plants and vegetables, and then it gets released in the environment later in a quite natural way.

It is Eco-Friendly

Unlike other buildings, if you have a green rooftop at your home, it can contribute towards protecting the environment.

This way, you won’t feel any need to generate heat or cold artificially to pollute the environment.

It Improves the Air Quality

Air quality is continuously getting affected badly due to the emission of harmful gases and chemicals.

Green roofs do exactly the opposite by improving the air quality and reducing sulfur dioxide, nitrous acid, and other dust particles from the air.

It Increases the Life Expectancy of Your Roof

Your roof has to go through excessive wear and tear due to the rainfalls, heavy winds, storms, and temperature fluctuations.

However, if you install a green roof, it increases the life expectancy of your roof with the help of its waterproof membrane.

All you need to do is to hire the services of a skilled and professional contractor for your roofing Dearborn Michigan. who will install your roof properly to ensure that it lasts longer.

Cons of Green Roofing

There are a few drawbacks of green roofing which you should consider before making such a huge investment.

It is Costly

Green roofing is more expensive than other traditional roofing options.

You will have to invest a lot to make it able to provide a good support to your home. However, the long list of its amazing benefits outweighs the initial huge cost.

It is Quite Heavy

It has a huge weight which can cause pressure on your rooftop.

However, you can modify your roof to enable it to handle the load.

It Requires Extra Maintenance

You must take care of your green roof on a regular basis.

You can’t avoid it and expect to enjoy its benefits.

The only way to upkeep it is to water and feed its plants and vegetables regularly.


Now that you are aware of its pros and cons, if you really want to enjoy the green environment you also need to stay alert and conscious towards it.