Ghost Houses

Sometimes when you are driving round a housing estate you see a Ghost House.

The house that was under construction and then for some reason everything stopped.

Three, five, sometimes even ten or more years later its still half built.

I used to walk past this house every day, that had been at lock up for more than 3 years.

An estate where my daughter lived had two ghost houses that must have been half finished for at least eight years.
They are houses that silently ask questions:

      • Were the buyers too ambitious and ran out of money?
      • Did the builder go bust
      • Was there a divorce?
      • Was it an investment that went wrong?
      • Did somebody die?
      • Why do they never seem to sell and be finished off?

A question from me – Have you bought and finished off a Ghost House?


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  1. Vera

    Hahahaha, Ghost Houses indeed. Such houses scare the daylight out of me, when i was younger. My elder brother didn’t make it any easier for me. He would take some of mt toys to own of the houses down my street and tell me a ghost took it because i refused to share chocolates with him. I was really petrified by those actions of his.

    My aunt and her husband recently bought a ‘ghost house’. The former owners lost a child during its construction, as a result they wanted to a fresh start somewhere else. Cleaning such houses is usually tedious. One need to be very prepared before venturing into living or buying such houses. The tips to cleaning aren’t rocket science, but be prepared , because its’s a lot.

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