Seven Important Tips for a House Extension in Australia

Guest Post by Asad Shoaib

If you feel you need more space in your home while living in Australia, it is the right time to start planning for a house extension.

It is one of the best home improvement projects that you can think of.

Since every home is different than others, you should know all the important aspects like construction, design, architecture, and a lot more to be able to extend your home successfully.

It is also suggested to have background knowledge through research before starting such an important task, otherwise, you might have to face a lot of hurdles in the process.

Here are seven important tips mentioned to help you with a house extension in Australia.


First of all, you should get all the approvals depending upon the size of the space you want to add to your home.

The requirements and policies of local authorities of every area would also be different, so you should visit the office to get all the relevant details beforehand.

Local councils can also provide you with a lot of designs and ideas for your home extension.

Once you get all the approvals on time, you won’t have to face any unwanted delay in the process.


Your budget plan will decide whether you can turn your dreams into reality or not.

If you don’t have a proper budget plan, you might end up overspending and further facing a financial crisis.

On the other hand, if you take your budget limitations into account, you can spend your money more efficiently.

This way, you will be able to stay on track without falling for any unnecessary temptations.

Moreover, you should keep the consultant’s fees, designer cost, and other charges of professional services in mind to have a clear idea about the real cost of house extensions,


You should identify the purpose of having a house extension as well to know about the areas that need your focus and attention.

For instance, if you are a young couple living in a home, you might need an extra room for your kids in the future.

Similarly, if you are living with your family and any one of them is planning to have kids or other guests shortly, you should better start preparing for a house extension.

When you have a clear purpose in your mind, it will also help your hired designer in turning your dream into reality.


The materials you are going to use in your house extension project should be durable.

It is better if you invest some time in the research of different materials to know about their pros and cons in detail.

That will help you shortlist the best quality materials to choose one among them.

You should also consider the credibility or authenticity of the manufacturer and supplier while making the final decision.

If you don’t do your homework before starting the project, you might end up choosing low-quality material. . . As a result, you will have to face a significant loss of both your time and money.

Professional Service

Before you choose any professional service like designer or consultant, you should better read the reviews and suggestions of their past customers.

Any authentic professional would have a professional website that will consist of all his past projects and remarks from the clients.

It will help you have a clear idea of whether you are making the right decision or not.

To be on the safe side, you can also take references from your friends, relatives, or family members who have done the house extension projects before you successfully with the help of a good professional expert.


If you live in Australia, you must consider the consent of your neighbor before starting the house extension.

The work you are planning to start might affect the boundary that you share with your neighbor.

Moreover, your neighbors might get disturbed by the constant noise that is a part of any home improvement project.

If you don’t talk to your neighbors clearly, they might become a huge hurdle later during your project.

On the other hand, if you have a simple or direct chat with them before starting the house extension task, it is highly likely that they are not going to have any objections or limitations.

Even if they have any concerns or reservations, you can address them on time to make them understand your situation.

You can also give them multiple proposals until they agree to make peace with you.


What you put in the extra space would affect your house extension project.

If you want to achieve an optimal living environment for your family or spouse, you should use the right light.

However, if you have hired an architect, you should ask him to provide you with multiple options or ideas for perfect light fixtures.

He might know a lot of ways to let more light come inside your home.

You should also allow your designer to be creative while adding light to your home through glass, windows, and other stunning features.