Here’s Why You Need Concrete Pumping For Your Construction Project

Guest Post by Shawn

Are you thinking of adding a concrete pump to the list of machinery for your construction project? Here’s why concrete pumping will be a great help.

Completing your construction project successfully while ensuring you save time and energy is tough. Ensuring that the construction is done right can be both expensive and time-consuming.

Trying to save time and money can lead to a poorly done job.

Every additional day on a construction site can mean additional costs of labour and rentals.

Construction technology has advanced exponentially over the years.

If you want to save time and therefore money, consider adding more sophisticated machinery to your construction project

One such piece of machinery that will get the job done quickly and efficiently is a concrete pump.

What is a Concrete Pump?

A concrete pump is a machine that carries and transfers liquid concrete to the desired area in a construction site.

This equipment can be crucial to construction as it brings the concrete exactly where you need it to be.

There are two main types of concrete pumps.

Firstly, there is the boom pump, which is a pump attached to a truck.

This highly advanced equipment can pump high volumes of liquid concrete and can place it accurately in the right area using a long and extendable remote-controlled robotic arm.

However, these are often used for high-scale construction projects where large quantities of concrete are needed.

For smaller projects, the second type of concrete pump, called trailer pumps, is used.

These are trailers that have a pump attached to them.

The concrete is pumped and supplied using an attached hose, which releases the liquid into the desired area.

Advantages of Getting Concrete Pumping For Your Project

Concrete pumping can come in handy on any construction site.

It can be for a completely new project or around an already existing house.

You can either install a boom pump or a line pump depending on the type of the project.

Line pumps are more suitable for domestic jobs.

Let’s take a look at a few perks of having a concrete pump for your construction project.


Imagine the time and effort that will be wasted in transferring concrete using only the methods of the past.

The liquid concrete would have to come out of the mixer, then the workers would have to shovel it into a wheelbarrow to transport it to the desired area.

This old process takes too much time and manual labour.

With a concrete pump, you can efficiently get the concrete where you need it without wasting time and effort.

A construction project that would have taken months can be done within a few weeks with the help of a concrete pump.

Pumping contractors in Auckland, New Zealand must ensure that their equipment is kept in top condition.

This eliminates issues such as delays caused by an equipment malfunction. offers such expertise needed to pump concrete quickly and efficiently so that you can get the best advice on concrete pumping.


Accidents, mistakes, changes of plans, all can lead to modifications of your project.

But once you have already built the basement or a level that is not easily accessible, how will you get your liquid concrete to that inaccessible area?

Your liquid concrete can reach anywhere with a concrete pump.

Whether you are using a line pump or a boom pump, it can help you cut through any limitation of accessibility and get your concrete to the desired region.

It doesn’t matter how high or low the area is, having a concrete pump means you can reach it.

This is why you can even get specialized concrete pumps for purposes like mining, tunnelling, high altitude areas, etc.

If your construction area is on treacherous terrain, which is not uncommon in some parts of Australia and New Zealand, a concrete pump can be an invaluable asset.

It can offer limitless access to your difficult construction site.


Get your liquid concrete in the exact area you want with concrete pumping.

If you have people shovelling or dumping the liquid concrete using a wheelbarrow, precision is often lost.

Sometimes precision affects things like concrete strength and hence, the longevity and quality of your building project.

By using the robotic arm or the hose of your concrete pump, you can transfer it to the precise place required.

This takes away the chances of spilling or misplacement, ensuring the concrete goes where it should and not anywhere else.

Precision is always a game-changer for any project as it ensures that you get exactly what you want and need.

With the controlled pouring of your concrete pump, you get an accurate application, smoother surfaces, and better concrete bonding.

Useful for Smaller Projects

Suppose you are thinking of building a swimming pool in your backyard, but you can’t reach the area with a concrete truck due to neighbouring houses.

How will you get the concrete to your desired area without making a mess out of your house?

People often think that concrete pumps are only useful for large-scale projects, but trailer concrete pumps are invaluable tools when it comes to smaller projects.

With the hose of the concrete pump, you can reach the area without difficulty.

No matter which part of the house you choose to remodel, with the help of your pump you can reach the area with no hassle.

This will cut down the cost and ensure that the concrete goes where you want it.


You can finish up your construction projects faster with a concrete pump.

When something needs to be built within a shorter time frame, this becomes necessary equipment.

For example, you are thinking of getting a car soon but you don’t have a proper driveway.

The base of your driveway must be strong and accurately built. Using a concrete pump to build that base will make it happen three times faster than using manual labour for transferring the concrete.

To ensure the speedy completion of your construction project, consider getting a liquid concrete pump.

It will take care of one of the most time-consuming aspects of construction and you will get your work done quickly and accurately.

Higher Quality Work

As mentioned before, it is nearly impossible to cut down the cost or time of construction without compromising the quality of work.

Getting something done right by human hands takes time and experienced labour, both of which are costly.

However, with a concrete pump, you get higher quality work every time without any external factors affecting the construction.

With the precise and fast pouring of concrete, you can ensure quality without having to spend extra time or money on the project.

Concrete pouring with a pump is always accurate, so you get exactly what you want and where you want it.

This ensures the building of the project goes exactly as planned.

You get fast construction and quality that lasts.

You Can Get Concrete Even During Bad Weather Conditions

Weather in both Australia and New Zealand can be highly unpredictable.

Having to stop construction work because of unexpected weather can be expensive.

With a boom or line pump, your liquid concrete goes straight from the source to your designated area.

You can completely avoid the process of shovelling or carting concrete around, which is impossible to do in rain or snow without compromising the quality of the mixture.

With a concrete pump, you can get the liquid in the desired areas without it having to come in contact with outer factors.

Hence, construction will not have to be halted due to bad weather conditions.

Strong Concrete

Due to fast pouring and the shortening of time between the mixing and the pouring, your result will create better concrete strength.

You will also notice that concrete pumping leads to better concrete bonding, and the liquid is applied evenly, accurately, and quickly to the existing concrete.

Less Labour Required

As mentioned before, cutting down the cost of construction is often nearly impossible without compromising the quality of the built work.

For centuries, any construction has required extensive manual labour to ensure the work is done fast and with precision.

However, with the technological advancement in the construction industry, sophisticated machinery is ensuring that both time and money can be saved.

Using a useful tool like a concrete pump means that less labour will be required for managing, transporting, and applying the concrete.

This can significantly cut down the labour required; hence, the money spent on hiring workers will be less too.

Labour Safety

Labour safety is crucial and is something you must monitor as enforced by the government.

A great way to ensure labour safety is by reducing the factors that can lead to accidents.

Picking up and shifting concrete is difficult and dangerous.

Even the slightest mistakes can lead to disastrous results.

Having a concrete pump can ensure that the concrete is handled safely without any mishaps.

The use of concrete pumps can be a part of ensuring the safety of your hired help.

Bottom Line

Having a concrete pump can ensure precise concrete placement.

Spend less time moving and pouring concrete with a pump, and get high-quality results every time.

Book your pump today and spend less time and money on your construction project.