Building a Long-Distance Home

Most people wanting to build a new home like to build it close by, but that doesn’t work for everyone.

Why build at a long distance?
Typical reasons for building long distance, including:

  • Building a ‘Holiday’ home.
  • Building a retirement home.
  • An investment property

There are lots of posts on this site about the process of building a house . . . but what factors should you take into consideration for a long distance house?

Building a good relationship with a real estate agent.

A local agent with a good appreciation of the local market is invaluable.

They can be the best person to direct you to the the better blocks for sale.

 Architect or Project Home Builder

If it is a basic flat block it might be worth looking at what the local project home builders are offering

If its a scenic block, which are often on steep slopes to get a good view an architect might be needed to get the best results

Making sure about the builder

Project builder or architect designed home? . . . . you are going to need a builder.

This is perhaps one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make when building your home.

After all, your putting your trust with this person for the whole build, so it’s essential to choose someone reliable who you can communicate with clearly.

Building at a distance you aren’t going to be able to visit the site as often as you would if it was just round the corner!

Make extra sure to check the credentials and references, and look into their past work to determine their level of quality.

Picking Your Own Building Inspector

It’s a good idea to have regular inspections during a build to make sure problems aren’t covered over.

If you don’thave the time to visit every 2-3 weeks a good builing inspector can be a good choice in ensuring a quality build.

Controlling Travel Costs

It is likely you are going to take many trips during the whole procees so its worth giving consideration to keep travel costs low.

Usually domestic air fares are cheaper on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Sundays mornings are often the cheaper than othertimes.